Robin was an international athlete who became a pastor. During this time, he was exposed to sports ministry. He was also the chaplain at the Sydney Olympics. In 2000, Robin founded Breakthrough, an organization that uses experiential learning to train people on behaviors and values. Today, Breakthrough has grown to impact multinational companies to provide keynotes, workshops and Consulting focused on behavioral change across the organization. Breakthrough’s business mandate was driven through the promises and provisions from the word of God. Based on the kingdom business established through Breakthrough, Robin founded the Kingdom Business School which focuses on building the kingdom community (i.e., Local church and Christian business men) to impact the seven mountains of influence in society. 

What is a Kingdom Business based on?

This is what Paul says, in 1 Corinthians 2:4, “and my teaching and message were not delivered with skillful words of human wisdom, but with convincing proof of the power of God’s Spirit.” So a business that starts as a kingdom business, in the power of God, becomes very successful – because God is your partner. No business experience can compare with that of having God as your partner.

In order to become a Kingdom Business and to understand that God is your partner, you need to realize that God, your partner, speaks through your quiet time with you. God has given us his promises, and we need to claim them daily till they are fulfilled, because in those promises there is provision, in the promises is the finance, in the promises is the people you require.

You know, many times, we have needed people to come and join us. God has brought people who had a calling to Breakthrough. Breakthrough is a business of over 4-5 crores because God has blest us through his promises, his provision, his people and favor with our clients.

In 2000, we needed 70 Lakhs to build Breakthrough. God gave me a word from the book of Philemon “benefit”. I checked the meaning from Barclay’s comments. It said, ”I should profit from what you are profiting from.“ That’s exactly how we got 70 Lakhs. Four Christian companies gave part of the profits through foundations to Breakthrough.

In sales, many times we go into business meetings two-by-two, one who is praying and one who is pitching. One day while I was sitting in the meeting with the CEO of a multi- national. My colleague was pitching to him about a program and he kept saying, “No, no.” And suddenly God brought to remembrance a team diagnostic tool, which we used 15 years ago. I said, “Do you want this?” and he said, “Yes, that is what we need.” So you see, when we bring God in, revelation becomes part of our repertoire. We are able to bring, to speak, exactly what our clients want. And so, we have coined our vision as, “To impact people prophetically and profitably” and God has blest us abundantly.

The second reason for a Kingdom Business?

We have seen, time and again, that God has given us an opportunity to bless. In Galatians 3:14, Paul says that we have been given the blessings of Abraham.

Having been blessed in the business, God has given us the opportunity to bless different ministries as well.

Today, we are able to give back to the ministry, i.e., Sports ministry from where the journey of Breakthrough began. God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.

~ Robin Paul

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