We obviously live in a fallen, broken world. We live in a nation where corruption is considered “normal”, although it deeply damages the very fabric of society. Our nation desperately needs people of integrity who can step into opportunities of leadership and initiate change – transformation – in their sphere of influence. LeaderImpactTM – a leadership initiative of the India Campus Crusade for Christ – seeks to bless the nation by helping leaders in all walks of life – regardless of faith background to embrace their call to principled transformational leadership.

As a national network of leaders, LeaderImpact also comes alongside the leaders who seek to follow Christ

to help them embrace their unique call to the workplace and to understand what it means to integrate faith with vocational excellence. Faith driven vocational excellence naturally opens doors for such leaders to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples … something followers of Christ believe in, but about which they are rarely intentional.

On April 12-14, 2019, LeaderImpact is hosting a business conference in Bangalore, “God in Business – In Search of Excellence” – to address the specific needs of business leaders. Many Christ followers think of business as tainted and driven by greed. Sometimes it is. Sadly, too many business leaders fail to understand the character of God and the nature of His Kingdom (rule, authority). In Genesis 1:26-28, we find that God created humanity “in His image”, to reflect His character and manifest His Kingdom by stewarding and bringing out the full potential of the creation – exercising creativity, justice, truth, grace, compassion, sovereign rule and essentially enhancing human life (shalom, human flourishing, in Jesus’s words “abundant life”).

Look again carefully at each of the above beautiful characteristics of God’s nature. When done God’s way, business naturally and explicitly manifests these exact same characteristics. Can you see it? Business requires the exercise of all these godly characteristics to provide life-enhancing goods and services. Examining a business should reveal the very nature and character of God. The real purpose of business is to reveal God and to manifest His kingdom even in a fallen world. This understanding of business changes everything. Business in not merely a means to an end – like generating funds for charity. Business itself IS ministry. 

This perspective drives how the busi- ness leader pursues business. Busi- ness that is purposed to reveal God and enhance human flourishing natu– rally creates an ideal environment for making disciples.

The God in Business conference has three purposes. First, to help busi- ness leaders embrace the fullness of God’s purpose for business. Second, to provide practical insight business leaders can take away and imple- ment in their small or medium busi- ness. Third, the conference serves as a catalyst to form or repurpose local communities of business owners to be intentionally on mission together to bring life-enhancing transformation to their communities through their business.

In our fallen, broken world, our best efforts will only meet with frustration

… but God is able to accomplish what we can only dream. All things – even societal transformation – is possible with God in Business.

A Growing Global Network

In November 2018, a team of six business leaders from LeaderImpactTM Canada organized a vision trip to Taiwan to help grow the LeaderImpact initiative in Taipei. The local LeaderImpact staff introduced Jordan Chin, VP of Operation for Oganika Health Products to JK and Jean, owners of the Serve Design Company Ltd, a small interior design and architectural firm in Taipei. JK asked Jordan and another LeaderImpact Associate staff, Fritz Baylen, to come to their office to speak to their staff team. Jordan and Fritz were delighted for the opportunity to share their life stories, their experiences in business and also their faith in Christ with the staff team that had gathered for the occasion. Their stories clearly struck a chord as the discussion moved beyond business to purpose and meaning in life. JK and Jean were delighted with the open discussion. As a follow up, they started a weekly Bible study for their office staff. Since then, the LeaderImpact staff have now challenged JK and Jean to consider further involvement in LeaderImpact by joining the chapter leadership team for the city of Taipei. LeaderImpact is now established in 345 cities on four continents. The 2020 vision is a global network of leaders from multiple domains gathered in local mission-driven communities (or chapters) in 1,000 cities around the world.

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