How many times have you read an article no matter how big or small and felt the need to stop reading when you were only half way through? Sounds about right that you have some attention issues?  Hopefully you read this to the end 😊

The matters of the mind go deep and the method in which the brain computes data, cements thoughts and creates neural pathways is astounding.

When the bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made its not something to be taken lightly, Now back to our point of discussion.

Boredom in every aspect is frowned upon. but in todays life the mind and the brain doesn’t have the time to unwind and restore. Today’s boredom is more a lack of repeated reinforcement than the lack of deep thinking or neural activity. Deep thinking is the innate ability of our brain to question, decipher and ideate over problems and issues to result in creative solutions. Our minds are losing the ability to concentrate and unravel complex problems because the brain has found a shortcut to get the same feeling of accomplishment by doing something small and insignificant. Our extensive use of social media and the triggers that cause us to spend hours on our phone is messing with what triggers our brain to create a habit.

“Trigger, Behaviour, Reward”, These three ingredients are critical to develop learned behaviour, together they shape behaviours where Human’s suffer from addictions to the more sinister behaviours in societal movements. As children we have always been taught simple habits like tying shoe laces which results in positive reinforcement from our parents. On the other end of the spectrum is becoming obsessed with our phones to the point where our decision-making ability of being safe is being overridden with the powerful urge to check our phones while we drive. The impact of this is great because if something so miniscule to our health and wellbeing, such as social media and its triggers of empty rewards can override the very basic, important urge and drive to stay alive, that shows that the problem is deeper than we think it is.

Behaviours are shaped in the following way: Events that are found to be reinforcing are of two sorts.

  1. reinforcements consist of presenting stimuli, of adding something, for instance, Food, water, physical contact to the situation. These are called positive reinforcements.
  2. The other form is removing something from the present equation, like, a loud noise, heat, extreme cold or heat from a situation, this is negative reinforcements

With social media we don’t realise that we have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, each time we have an urge to post a picture on social media (Trigger), Post it (Behaviour) and get a bunch of likes (Reward). We perpetuate the process and consciously or unconsciously we reinforce this behaviour. And instead of being in the moment and experiencing what we are present for, we stumble around in a mental daze waiting for the next hit (that next like, that next comment), this obsessive activity and its repercussions are contributing more to a Me-Centred culture than a holistic family and welfare-based culture.

This heavy computation in the brain at all times diverts attention from concentration, deep thinking and new neural connections (the process where the brain creates new pathways when we do something amazing or special, like solve a problem, meet someone new, spend time together doing things we love like sport, music, or just a relaxing walk on the beach).

Boredom is an important state of mind when the mind relaxes and goes into default mode, and in this time of calm is where the mind finds solutions to problems,

when the mind takes decisions and connects thoughts, memories, and most importantly regenerates lost energy, all to make you perform better, faster and more efficiently.  Work hard, think deep and yes, have some time of Boredom.

This is David Signing off, take care and God Bless

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