Empower Develop Global Entrepreneurship
Encouraging Christian businessmen to practice kingdom Principles to glorify God.

Edge Business Magazine

An exclusive Christian Business Magazine designed to give a new dimension and perception to Christian enterprise and build God’s Kingdom in Business.

Inspiring the market place

Focussing on a divine dimension and finely tuned prophetic perception will inspire followers of Christ in the marketplace or in business.

Providing insight

Dedicated to providing simple insight and application of the scriptures – to hearing what God is saying and communicating it in an engaging way.

A solution-centered business magazine

To help transformed Christians function as ministers in the marketplace and business arena. 


To produce a quarterly magazine, which will serve as a showcase as well as a lifebuoy for the Christian entrepreneur.

About the Editor.

A calling is a strong urge towards a particular way of life or career; a vocation. Most orthodox Christian families perceive business as an unholy or ungodly profession, because of the focus to become successful, of building a business empire, and owning a luxury fleet and a bungalow in a posh locality. If you are a business leader, it is believed, the focus is shifted from God to earthly possession. You fall into various temptations or a fear of suffering a loss because of the poor decision you make.

During one of those Entrepreneurs training programs, a tutor said that Business is a calling that the Bible talks about. I couldn’t believe whether I had heard it correctly. Then he said, we are stewards of God’s given resources.

The Creator, who is the owner of everything, has designated each one, according to their talents to be the steward of His resources. Like the parable of the talents, we are entrusted to work on our talents, multiplying them and use them to glorify Him.

There may be a different perspective about a business. This is probably because of what we would have experienced when buying or selling a product or a service; fair price, making money is not wrong, as far as it is reasonable in adding value to the product or service you offer.

I believe, one needs to find fulfillment in evaluating these three aspects: Is God pleased by this deal; Is my customer delighted? And, does the business suffer loss? When these are aligned, there is a fulfillment.

The purpose of The Edge Magazine is to Empower, Develop, Global Entrepreneurship. This is to help business leaders and young entrepreneurs to follow the kingdom principle to glorify God.

At The Edge, we interview business leader from around the world to learn from them about the successes and failures they have encountered in the entrepreneurial journey and how God has led them through. Our hope is that young entrepreneurs would be inspired and find guidance.

Daniel Madhapur

Rejoice in your sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.

Romans 5: 3,4

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